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The Fiction Forum

A place to write and critique others' works

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This community was created as a safe haven for those who want to write, and grow in their writing, be it fan fictions, poetry, plays, short stories, or epic novels. The best way to grow as a writer is to receive and give constructive criticism to others works.
(All works: copyright their authors.)

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Affiliate Community

_fanfics_: The Fanfiction Archives is dedicated to all forms of fandom involving anime, television, movie, and novel fans. Artwork, comic strips, poetry and of course fanfiction are all welcome!

While posting a story, poem or whatnot is not specifically required, commenting is. Try to comment on someone's work at least once a week. It makes us feel good to hear feedback on our works, and it's the best way to improve our works.

If there is nothing new to comment on, or you are unfamiliar and feel that you could not properly critique the works available, and have nothing of your own to post, try to post something such as a free writing exercise or a discussion on writing. This will boost community interaction, and help get creative juices flowing.

Please, please, refrain from 'Write more' as your only comment. This does nothing for the writers, only that you either think the story is too short, or that you want more. To be a good writer, we must be able to learn from our mistakes, and the best way to do that is to have someone point them out to us.

For the writers, if you are posting a rather long piece, please be kind to our friends pages, leave a portion out as a preview, but put the rest behind an lj cut.

For those posting fan fiction, here is the format I would like you to use.
Name of series or movie, or book:
Brief Summary:

For original works, follow above format, but omit the name of series part.

Enjoy yourselves, this is all about the joys of writing.

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